Checklist For Wedding

Here’s a comprehensive wedding agenda checklist to help you plan your special day:

### Wedding Planning Checklist:

#### **12+ Months Before the Wedding:**

1. **Set a Date:**
– Choose a few potential dates and finalize one based on availability of venues and important guests.

2. **Create a Budget:**
– Determine how much you can spend overall and allocate funds to different aspects of the wedding.

3. **Draft a Guest List:**
– Decide on the number of guests you want to invite and start compiling a list.

4. **Choose Venues:**
– Book ceremony and reception venues.
– Arrange for a backup plan in case of bad weather for outdoor weddings.

5. **Hire Key Vendors:**
– Research and book vendors like caterers, photographers, videographers, and entertainment (DJ/band).

6. **Select Wedding Party:**
– Choose your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other attendants.

7. **Shop for Wedding Attire:**
– Start looking for wedding dresses, suits, and attire for the wedding party.

#### **6-12 Months Before the Wedding:**

8. **Send Save-the-Dates:**
– Notify guests of your wedding date and location.

9. **Plan Ceremony and Reception Details:**
– Decide on decorations, seating arrangements, and any special elements for the ceremony and reception.

10. **Choose Officiant:**
– Select and confirm the person who will officiate your ceremony.

11. **Order Invitations:**
– Design and order wedding invitations, RSVP cards, and any other stationery.

12. **Plan Honeymoon:**
– Research destinations and make travel arrangements if necessary.

#### **4-6 Months Before the Wedding:**

13. **Finalize Menu and Cake:**
– Choose catering options and finalize the wedding cake design.

14. **Shop for Rings:**
– Select and purchase wedding bands.

15. **Arrange Transportation:**
– Book transportation for the wedding day, if needed.

16. **Plan Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties:**
– Coordinate with your attendants for any pre-wedding celebrations.

17. **Apply for Marriage License:**
– Check local requirements and apply for a marriage license.

#### **2-4 Months Before the Wedding:**

18. **Finalize Details with Vendors:**
– Confirm arrangements with all vendors and provide final details.

19. **Hair and Makeup Trials:**
– Schedule trials for hair and makeup for the wedding day.

20. **Plan Rehearsal Dinner:**
– Arrange details and finalize plans for the rehearsal dinner.

21. **Create Wedding Day Timeline:**
– Outline the schedule for the wedding day including ceremony start time, reception start time, and key events.

#### **1-2 Months Before the Wedding:**

22. **Final Fittings:**
– Schedule final fittings for wedding attire.

23. **Confirm Guest Count:**
– Provide final guest count to caterers and venue.

24. **Write Vows:**
– If writing personal vows, start drafting them.

25. **Organize Wedding Day Details:**
– Confirm seating arrangements, create place cards, and finalize any DIY projects.

#### **1 Week Before the Wedding:**

26. **Confirm Details:**
– Confirm all arrangements with vendors and venues.

27. **Pack for the Honeymoon:**
– Prepare your luggage and essentials for your honeymoon.

28. **Delegate Tasks:**
– Assign day-of tasks to wedding party members or coordinators.

#### **Day Before the Wedding:**

29. **Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner:**
– Attend the wedding rehearsal and enjoy the rehearsal dinner.

30. **Relax and Rest:**
– Get a good night’s sleep and relax before your big day.

#### **Wedding Day:**

31. **Get Ready:**
– Begin hair and makeup preparations.

32. **Enjoy Your Wedding Day:**
– Follow your timeline, exchange vows, celebrate with family and friends, and cherish the moment!

This checklist covers the major aspects of planning a wedding and should help ensure that your special day goes smoothly. Adjust the timeline as needed based on your specific wedding date and priorities.